Authorization To Proceed is reviewed by the Commission For Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAPs). This process ensure the standards of the neighborhood is met to maintain the value and preserve the significant architectural history of Marble Hill.

To preserve the historic character and excellent architectural details of our neighborhood, Marble Hill was designated a Baltimore City historic district in 1985. Our neighborhood is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Old West Baltimore – a testament to its national historic importance.The city’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) and Marble Hill’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) review all changes to the exterior of buildings in Marble Hill, including windows, doors, lighting, painting, additions, fencing and landscaping

Review Process

Before undertaking any exterior work, property owners must submit an application to ARC usingthe following steps: Prior to making any changes,

  • Complete a CHAP Application-for-Notice-to-Proceed (NTP) describing the work that you propose. Download the application here. Be sure to includeall photos and supporting materials listed on page 3 of the application.
  • Email your application to the current CHAP planner and ARC chairperson concurrently. This speeds the review process. For questions and assistance, you may contact ARC Chair, Marti Pitrelli by e-mail at or call CHAP at 410-396-4866.
  • Please tape the Notice to Proceed and the building permit inside your front window. Minor changes and repairs that comply with the Design Guidelines may be approved by CHAP without a formal presentation to the Architectural Review Committee. If an owner does work without first obtaining a Notice to Proceed and a building permit, he or she may be subject to housing code violations and fines.

Community Involvement

It is highly recommended application are presented at the MHCA meetings where your application will be reviewed. Resources are available to ensure developers and homeowners receive proper incentive for adding to the historical significance of their new neighborhood.

A certified rehabilitation may qualify for property tax benefits through CHAP at 410-396-4866 and/or a state tax credit through the Maryland Historical Trust at 410-514-7600.

Design Guideline

Building owners can find lots of helpful information on the CHAP website here, including the Design Guidelines which must be followed. New regulations were adopted in 2015, so make sure you follow the guidelines in effect at the time of your application

The Marble Hill Community Association meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Druid Hill YMCA , 1609 Druid Hill Avenue. CHAP will issue a Notice to Proceed directly to the property owner, who may then obtain a building permit and undertake the improvements.