Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Druid Hill Avenue YMCA, located at 1609 Druid Hill Ave, Baltimore MD 21217.
Monthly dues are $60 per year. Dues can be paid $5.00 per month or $60 annually. The membership fee and paid up dues entitle each active member to ALL the privileges of the association as stated in the By-Laws. Dues must be paid in full ($60) to give members the ability to be nominated for elections and to vote in the elections.


The Marble Hill Community is located in the Historic Old West Baltimore Neighborhood of Upton. Marble Hill is important as one of Baltimore’s earliest African American middle class communities and for the well preserved architectural detail of it’s housing stock. The lengthy list of historically prominent residents includes Harry S. Cummings, Sr., one of the first two African Americans admitted to the University of Maryland Law School (1887, and the first African American Baltimore City Councilman, T. Willis Lansey, who founded the Ideal Federal Savings and Loan (1920). Others were Henry Hall, a prominent engineer and educator, John Murphy, Sr., founder of the Afro-American newspaper, and Violet Hill White, Baltimore’s first African American female police officer.

With a proud history of African American cultural distinction, linked to historic Upton, the Historic Marble Hill area was a point of destination for many of the “Who’s Who” among African Americans in the early to mid-twentieth Century. This in gathering of many of the best minds in the the nation of African American religious, educational, social and civic leadership produced an incubator for political thought. In numerous meetings held in churches and civic buildings in this community key aspects of the African American strategic struggle for human dignity and civil rights were fostered.

With the victories and advantages of the civil rights movement many middle class residents fled from this community to the suburbs. This mass exodus, experienced in most major cities, left in its wake an unchecked blight of poverty, a creeping scourge of drugs and a raising epidemic of crime.

Now, after many years of neglect by politicians, redlining by banks and steering by realtors change is on the horizon. With the new urban renaissance taking place in Baltimore and thanks to the cooperative spirit of a dedicated core of community residents, Historic Marble Hill is poised for social and political transformation. Historic

Historic Marble Hill is once again emerging as a point of destination and a community of choice not only for African Americans but for anyone interested in city living. There are plenty opportunities for real development in this National Historic District.

The Marble Hill Community Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempted and a Maryland State charitable, fund-raiser organization.